Plating and Anodizing Rectifier

Why does electroplating or anodizing require a power supply?

Electroplating (or plating) and anodizing both require a dc power supply (sometimes called rectifier) to drive the flow of ions in the solution and onto the surface. Electroplating is a process that deposits metal onto a surface, where positive ions are combined with electrons to form metal atoms. Anodizing is a process that converts metal surface and covers it with metal oxide layer. The process is more complicated and requires increasingly higher dc voltage to force the ions onto the metal surface and cause chemical reactions to form oxide.


What power supply do I need for electroplating or anodizing?

A dc power supply is required for any electrochemical process such as electroplating (or plating) and anodizing. While electroplating typically requires dc voltage of less than 6V, the voltage required by anodizing depends on the thickness of the oxide layer you need, and the higher the thickness, the higher the voltage is needed. Depending on the size of the parts you are working on, the requirements for current (amperage) can vary by a lot. While someone working on a jewelry may require only a couple of amps, an industrial setup may require more than 1000A, it all depends on the size of the parts, or more specifically the surface area of the parts you are working on.


How many amps do I need for plating?

The tank size is not relavant as long as it's large enough to fit your parts to be plated and still allow good flow of the solution. The surface area of the parts determines the amperage you need. Typically people use 20 amps per square foot as a starting point to estimate the current needed, however this number can go down to lower than 10 A/SF or higher than 40 A/SF.


What plating and anodizing power supply does Volteq offer?

Volteq has a wide selection of electroplating (plating) and anodizing rectifiers, they are cost-effective and suitable for anodizing, plating (electroplating), electroforming, electropolishing, electrochemical polishing, electrocoagulation, electro-deburring, electrocleaning, hydrolysis, hydrogen generator, fuel cell, waste water treatment, metal recovery, etc. Volteq regulated DC power supplies are excellent choice for zinc plating, gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, chrome plating and aluminum anodizing.  Learn more about applications for Volteq plating and anodizing rectifiers.


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High Current 500A Power Supply for Electroplating Waste Water Treatment HY12500RX 12V Reverse Polarity

High Current 500A Power Supply for Electroplating Waste Water Treatment HY12500RX 12V Reverse Polarity

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