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Switching DC power supplies were first introduced in the late 1970's, today they are the most popular form of DC power supplies in the market due to their exceptional power efficiency and great overall performance. A Switching DC power supply (also known as switch mode power supply or SMPS) regulates the output voltage through a process called pulse width modulation (PWM). The PWM process generates some high frequency noise, but enables the switching power supplies to be built with very high power efficiency and small form factor. With a good design, a switching power supply can have excellent load and line regulation. Typical applications for switching DC power supplies include:


  • general purpose use including R&D, manufacturing and testing
  • high power / high current applications
  • communications systems, mobile stations, network equipments, etc.
  • electroplating, anodizing, electroforming, electrophoresis, etc.
  • Battery charging and equalization for Lithium Ion batteries, marine and vehicle batteries
  • electrolysis, waste treatment, hydrogen generator, fuel cell applications, etc. 
  • DC motors, slot cars, aviation and marine applications, etc.


For three decades, Mastech has built the regulated variable switching DC power supplies with the least noise and ripple in the industry. Our switching power supplies are widely used in R&D and lab environment because of their exceptional noise performance. The design choice to minimize the noise does come with some drawback: slower response and more sensitive to reverse EMF from the load. As a result, the Mastech switching power supplies are not suitable for battery charging, anodizing, LED applications, electroplating (use as plating rectifiers) and anodizing, electrolysis, electroforming, hydrogen generation and any electrochemical applications.


Recognizing the shortcomings, we have launched in 2012 a new line of switching DC power supplies under Volteq brand to address the growing customer needs in battery charging, LED applications, DC motors, electroplating and anodizing, electrolysis & hydrogen generation, slot cars, automotive, aviation and marine applications. The Volteq switching power supplies, with built-in over-voltage and reverse-voltage protection, are tough as rock, and yet still provide excellent noise and ripple performance by employing the state of art technology.


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High Current Power Supply for Electroplating Waste Water Treatment HY30200RX 30V 200A wth Reverse Polarity

High Current Power Supply for Electroplating Waste Water Treatment HY30200RX 30V 200A wth Reverse Polarity

$4,000.00 $2,795.00

VOLTEQ HY30200RX is a high current 200A electroplating power supply with built-in reverse polarity, ideal for elect…

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